A Look at Improving Project Management Success


As a project manager, your own success hinges on how your projects turn out. While everyone will have a few failed projects under their belt, a string of failures indicates very real problems. Thankfully, there are numerous ways that you can improve your project management success. Below, you’ll find some of the better ways that you can do this, no matter what industry or niche you might be working in.

Don’t Leap In
For many project managers, the temptation to skip project planning and jump right into implementation is considerable. Don’t do this. Project planning is vital. Without adequate planning, there’s no way to ensure that you have the resources necessary to complete the project, or even a clear idea of what the project’s ultimate goals are. Never skip planning, and always ensure that you have a full project overview, know the objectives, know the project’ scope, know your risks and understand how you will approach the project.
Manage and Monitor
As the project manager, you will be responsible for quite a few elements in concluding the project successfully. However, it’s vital that you manage and monitor throughout the project’s lifecycle. Don’t get tied up in other elements of the process – know where you are in the project, what your team members are doing and where you’re heading. By constantly managing and monitoring, you’ll find that you can successfully forecast and mitigate risks, avoid resource shortages and bypass budget problems.
Know What Warning Signs to Look For
Every project is different, but there are some common warning signs that indicate problems no matter what type of project you’ve got in the works. For instance, if you find that tasks you thought were already completed were in fact not, you know there’s trouble brewing. Another warning sign is scheduling variances – you need to stick to your schedule as close as possible. A decline in team morale and productivity is also a sign of impending trouble.
Scope Changes Are Problems
The scope of your project is going to change – it’s natural. However, when scope changes creep in, it’s vital that you ensure things are done correctly. Unauthorized scope changes can spell disaster to your project, particularly if they coincide with unauthorized budget changes (this is very common). Scope changes need to be approved by sponsors or the appropriate stakeholders. Unapproved changes can lead directly to project failure – make sure any changes are approved, documented and clearly understood.
Resolving Issues
It can be tempting to put less important issues on the backburner so you can focus on the big things. However, that’s the wrong thing to do. Make sure that you take care of all issues as soon as possible – even minor problems can grow into huge issues if left unresolved for long periods.
With the information above, you should find that improving your project management success is easier than you might have thought. Monitor, manage, resolve issues, get scope changes approved and plan effectively, and you’ll be more successful.



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